Hello! Welcome to Sim Stories, a collection of tales using worlds, characters, and situations from Sims 3.

The Cat Chronicles follows the adventures of Shadow, as he struggles to catch birds, gets in fights with canines, searches for new comfy places, trains his wrinkly two-legger Rose in proper kitty-owner etiquette, and does all manner of other activities considered “cute” and “feline.” A simple slice-of-life series told from the viewpoint of a cat, it is recommended to cat-lovers or anyone that likes a “dessert read”; sweet, but not particularly filling.

Last Update: 10/21/17
Day 64: Breakfast

Every month, the Short Story Challenges thread at the Sims forums posts a new short story challenge: to write a story, typically of 500-1500 words using 1-12 images, with a particular theme that changes every month. Though these stories are written to fill the challenge themes each month, they may have crossover ties with my other works.

Last Update: 09/30/17
These Things Happen