The Cat Chronicles Day 30: Family Visit

Hmm, why is there an extra food bowl out today? Has the wrinkly one become so forgetful that she’s leaving out extra now?

Oh! It’s Two-Paw!

…And Three-Paw! My spotted queen and the kittens have come with their two-legger to visit!

Our den became quite crowded, as the wrinkly one’s male-kit and his mate and their little one also came over. But the wrinkly one seemed quite happy, despite the crowds.

Her kit’s mate looked miserable, though, like she had a hairball caught in her throat.

…Ah, yes, definitely a hairball.

The wrinkly one was obviously quite pleased with my kits. She kept making strange high-pitched noises around them.

I can vaguely remember the days when I used to easily fit in one of her paws, too. Now she must use both paws to lift me.

Enjoy it, Two-Paw. That is the feeling of pure happiness!

I felt so proud. Everyone was excited to see my new kits. Especially the little one. Normally I’d be worried to have a little ones around my kits, as their paws tend to yank on tails and ears, but I know her paws, and they have always been gentle.

It’s all right, my kittens… I know she smells like dog, but she usually brings treats!

So learn that scent well, and remember it. Always remember the scents of the treat-givers!

Daaw! Someone’s little girl wants to play!

Let me show you the best way to catch a bird! First, you crouch down real low, like this… What was that? Have I ever caught a bird? Why, your father has caught hundreds of birds!

I’m the best bird-catcher in these parts! The alleycats sing tales in the moonlight of my great battles… huh, I wonder what’s wrong with the wrinkly one. Her face looks so serious…

While the two-leggers were distracted with their food bowls…

My boy was needy for some attention.

What? You like birds? No no no, you have it all wrong! Unless you like them for dinner, I won’t hear such talk!

…Aww. You’re young. You’ll learn, one day. Now let me show you the proper way to pounce…

That night, the spotted queen and her two-legger didn’t leave. It seems that they are going to be staying in our den now.

Having kittens around is exhausting!

Even stony cat agrees.

So, it would appear that Rose’s daughter Senna and her crew of cats have moved in! Since Shadow can’t exactly speak human, I like to think that the conversation between Senna and Rose in panels 16-18 went something like this:

Senna: You know Mom, at your age, wouldn’t it be nice if you had me around the house to help you out?

Rose: Hmm… It would mean getting to have the kittens around…

Senna: That’s the spirit! *hugs*

Because all of life’s big decisions hinge around kittens, naturally. (Though really, Rose is quite old, and her dementia (simulated with the Absentminded trait) does get the best of her quite often. If she didn’t have the Natural Cook trait, I’m fairly certain she would’ve burned the house down by forgetting she was in the middle of cooking up her grilled cheese mid-sandwich. Senna isn’t married yet and is really close with her elderly mom, so I don’t think she minds too much helping take care of her for the time being.)

And as we all know, cats not being versed in two-legger language have their own names for things… I can assure you the kittens are not “Two-Paw” and “Three-Paw” (though Shadow will assure you those are fine names, heh). The male (“three-paw”) is Bootsie (Boo for short), named thusly after my friends’ cats (one has a cat named Bootsie, another had a cat named Boo in the past, rest his kitty soul). And “Boo” sounds rather appropriate for a Spooky Day cat, heh. The female (“two-paw”) is Trixie Hatcher, named thus because a) I thought it sounded cute as a play on Trick-or-Treat for Spooky Day and b) I got to see a drag queen show where RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Trixie Mattel performed right around the time this part was written.

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I'm a fulltime librarian, a chronic migraineur, a tea addict, and an avid Simmer that writes SimLit and maintains the Stories and Legacies Index, a link directory of SimLit on Wordpress. Though I obviously love cats, I actually don't own one! (Blame my apartment lease for that!) I do have a charming old cockatiel, Kali, that has been my companion for the last seventeen years!
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6 Responses to The Cat Chronicles Day 30: Family Visit

  1. raerei says:

    Love the kittens! And yay for having them around all the time. Two- and Three- paw are excellent names for kitties, they have three, you know. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rebornmonster says:

    That’s sweet of her to move in and watch over her mother, and I’m sure that shadow will get used to sharing his domain. <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s been a bit difficult for me to juggle the needs of all those kitties in the household though, hahahaha!

      I was quite worried what might happen when Rose passes away (she’s actually been past her lifespan at this point in the story for some time). I didn’t know if I’d get the opportunity to move Shadow to a new household at that point, or if he’d just kind of… “get lost” since you can’t have a pet in a household without an owner. At least I know with Senna around that from a gameplay standpoint there is no chance I’d end up losing the star of Cat Chronicles.

      Liked by 3 people

  3. lisabeesims says:

    cute names (I did like Boo however LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

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