Photo Friday #13: Perfect Day, Perfect You

Nature chooses who will be transgender; individuals don’t choose this.

–Mercedes Ruehl

Today is:

International Transgender Day of Visibility

In honor of today I have featured my transgender Sim, Ty Neumann, who was featured previously in my short story Growing Pains. Check it out if you’d like to learn more about his journey!

Custom-Content Highlights:

Hair: [Aikea Guinea] Regendered Loud, Fast, Crash! ‘Hawk
Facial Hair: [Arisuka] Male Facial Hair First Aid Pack
Sliders: [OneEuroMutt] Breast Sliders

#12 | #14


About Mastress Alita

I'm a fulltime librarian, a chronic migraineur, a tea addict, and an avid Simmer that writes SimLit and maintains the Stories and Legacies Index, a link directory of SimLit on Wordpress. Though I obviously love cats, I actually don't own one! (Blame my apartment lease for that!) I do have a charming old cockatiel, Kali, that has been my companion for the last seventeen years!
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12 Responses to Photo Friday #13: Perfect Day, Perfect You

  1. cathytea says:

    Yay for good friends ! They look so happy and content .

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  2. I love the quote! They look so relaxed, I think I want to go camping ASAP. :) <3

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  3. Really true statement, no matter who we are, none of us choose to be.

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    • Agreed! Google had a lovely Google Doodle by a 15-year-old that went up the same day as this that promoted, according to the artist, “My future is a world where we can all learn to love each other despite our religion, gender, race, ethnicity, or sexuality” which was really touching (one of the teens in her picture was transgender). I don’t believe the Doodle displayed on Google for countries outside of the US, so the picture is here. Such a lovely message and I couldn’t agree more!

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      • In France where people are half for half against well we really don’t know what people thinks in this country due to the propaganda of the medias better to make it silent while even asexual and all its umbrella (us) are not seen at all and when you heard people are against LGBT weddings publicaly making protestation ouch .

        Wonderful doodle thank you for sharing it with me. I am also want a such world but I know it’s utopia. I agree with this message as well but human race is wild and an exterminator I doubt we could build the Earth Heaven.

        and about your pictures It’s gorgeous to think of camping , the seasons will start soon.

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  4. Another beautiful picture and message :)

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