Teatime Tuesday #21: Twelve

Welcome back for another teatime! This week I’ve selected a special tea in honor of Geek Pride Day (also known as “Towel Day” in honor of Douglas Adams), a celebration of geek culture that is held every year on May 25th, which is this Thursday! And if you know anything about me, you know that I definitely take a lot of pride in my geekiness!

Behold Twelve, another of Adagio Tea‘s Fandom Blends (if you’d like to know more about their awesome fandom blends program, check out my Padme review).

If the adorable fanart of the Twelfth Doctor on that $5 sampler tin didn’t clue you in, this tea is from the Doctor Who fandom, which just happens to be a fandom near and dear to my heart. (Check out my Chocolate Strawberry Black Tea review for further proof of this…)

Tea… Timelord approved!

This blend, created by Sami Kelsh (who has made blends for just about every character, monster, creature, and what have you from the Doctor Who universe, including Classic Who… nice going, Sami Kelsh!) is made from Adagio Tea‘s Chocolate Chip, Summer Rose, and Lemon Grass teas. The full ingredient list is ceylon black tea, natural chocolate flavor, non-dairy dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, rose petals, natural rose flavor, and lemon grass.

The tea has a very pleasant scent. It’s a bit strange, because you wouldn’t think the scent of chocolate, lemon, and rose put together would smell pleasant, but it does. It smells like a sweet confection, like something you’d expect to find in a box of chocolates.

The tea is described as, “He may not think he does hugs, but let’s face it, he doesn’t get a vote. Dark and unusual, but decidedly endearing.”

To fully get my geek on, I decided this tea needed to be enjoyed in my Tenchi Muyo mug. A classic anime series… but not only that, the characters are dressed as Star Wars characters. It’s like, geek fandoms crossing the streams!

I steeped just slightly more than a teaspoon for five minutes in boiling water, and it turned a rich, dark black tea. The taste was definitely interesting! I think “unusual” is an apt way to describe it… but it certainly isn’t unpleasant! The Twelfth Doctor is a complex sort of character, and I think the person who created this blend was trying to capture both his “sweet” and “sour” sides. The overall flavor is like a lemony-chocolate confection, with a very slight sweet aftertaste of rose on the first flush (on a subsequent steep, I couldn’t make out the rose flavor at all). I found the tea sweet and flavorful enough on its own that I didn’t need any additional sweeteners.

It isn’t the sort of flavor combination I would have thought to put together, but I love those lemon-filled chocolates that come inside a fancy box of chocolates, so in hindsight, I’m not surprised I enjoyed the tart lemon mixed with the sweet chocolately base. I’m not exactly sure how others might feel about such an odd flavor combination, though. If a little citrus in a cup of sweet chocolately black tea, with just a hint of floral aftertaste sounds pleasant to you, then this quirky Doctor might just be your cup of tea.

Did you know there is actually a Doctor Who-themed bar in Portland, Oregon? I didn’t either! But you can bet that when Todd and I found out we had to go have some fish and chips for lunch there! (Or in Todd’s case, a salad… those Vegans!)

I love that the loo is behind TARDIS doors!

I hope you have a wonderful Geek Pride Day! Todd and I are going to be getting our geek on this weekend by attending Anime Oasis in Boise, Idaho! This will be my fourteenth year in a row at this convention!

Here we are at Anime Oasis last year, meeting Japanese voice actress (seiyuu) Yuu Asakawa (she is bilingual and provided the voice for VOCALOID Luka). And for the record, I got very nice compliments on that very simple Sim outfit! (I’m actually wearing that Llamas shirt right now… it’s so comfy!)

There is also an excellent tea shop right next to the hotel where the convention is held, Snake River Tea! You can bet Todd and I will be enjoying many wonderful teatimes on our vacation, and I’ll be stocking up on some new teas for my collection!

Next week will be the finale to the May Flowers theme, and it will also be the premiere to the June theme… a Rainbow of Tea, in honor of Pride Month! That’s right, since May has five Tuesdays and I want to get all the colors of the rainbow in, we are jumping in early! I’m really excited to share this tea with you, so stay tuned!

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  1. Funny that you had a Doctor Who tea when I’m drinking tea from my TARDIS teapot right now!

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