Photo Friday #30: Banana Splits at Old Pier Beach

In my house there was no such thing as too much ice cream. There were ice cream floats, Carvel cake with the crunchy middle and tubs of Edy’s. Ice cream dates were special daddy/daughter time, and I always jumped at the chance to go out for ice cream with my dad, especially on a school night.

–Jill Ceder

Today is:

National Banana Split Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [NewSea] J118 Bad Kid
Clothes: [DarkoSims] Denim Shirt V. 2
Clothes: [ShojoAngel] Teen Fashion Set Request 1
Accessory: [Zauma] Yume Heart Necklace
Object: [Around the Sims 3] American Diner Coke Bottle Full
Object: [BlackSweety] Bon Appetit Banana Split Single Serve (DL)
Pose: [Delight33] Table Poses
Pose: [TylieFalcon] Table Talk Poses
Lot: [Thranduil Oropherion] Clouds Cafe at Old Pier Beach, Sunset Valley

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About Mastress Alita

I'm a fulltime librarian, a chronic migraineur, a tea addict, and an avid Simmer that writes SimLit and maintains the Stories and Legacies Index, a link directory of SimLit on Wordpress. Though I obviously love cats, I actually don't own one! (Blame my apartment lease for that!) I do have a charming old cockatiel, Kali, that has been my companion for the last seventeen years!
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4 Responses to Photo Friday #30: Banana Splits at Old Pier Beach

  1. cathytea says:

    Aw! My dad wasn’t that big on ice cream , but we did enjoy root beer floats together , sometimes with homemade root beer and homemade ice cream !

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    • I love ice cream, but I hate bananas, so I can’t stand banana splits, heh. I do have special memories of rootbeer floats with my grandpa! He used to make them for my sister and me when we were little children using — no joke — Rootbeer Schnapps! Once in a restaurant I ordered a rootbeer float and then made a nasty face and asked the waitress, “This rootbeer float is bad! It doesn’t taste like grandpa’s!” Of course I had no idea at the time about grandpa’s “special” floats, and the waitress couldn’t understand what I was going on about, there is only one way to make a rootbeer float! My poor grandpa was doing everything to not laugh. I found out much later about it… and why I always wanted to nap after having one! Hahaha! Clever man, my grandpa. ^_~


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