When We Meet Again

“Do you remember the first time we came here, Rose?”

“Our first date! I was so surprised when you lead me down by the riverbank and you already had a picnic laid out and waiting! The weather was lovely; the autumn air still had a bit of summer warmth left, but the trees had started to turn red and golden and leave a wonderful crisp scent on the breeze. The food was wonderful, but the company was even better. We laid just like this on the soft grass and watched the sky for hours, laughing at each other’s stories. I don’t think I’d ever felt so happy.”

“It’s good to be back, isn’t it? You’re still as beautiful as ever.”

“Oh, Earl…”

“It’s strange, though…”

“What is?”

“For the longest time, I’ve had no memory of our first date. It was simply… gone. But just now, I could remember every detail of it so perfectly, so vividly.”

“That’s a good thing, isn’t it?”

“And that isn’t all. Other things I’d forgotten… Like my pregnancy with Ashton, and those ugly pea-green booties they put on him at the hospital that we both made jokes about! Or our honeymoon… can you believe I completely forgot we went to Roaring Heights? Or the day we first met…”

“At the Farmer’s Market?”

“Yes… I’ve had no memory of that day for the longest time, Earl. Senna has told me the story, and says I told her when she was a little girl, but I’ve had no memory of the events… I don’t even remember telling her about them when she was a child. But now I remember it like it was yesterday! That goofy smile on your face just before you tripped on your own feet and fell face first into my produce cart! You certainly knew how to make an entrance!”

“What can I say? Your melons were… distracting.”

“Hahaha! You were so salacious!”


“Oh Earl, some things never change, do they?”

“Rose… please stay with me. Here… now… like this. I love you so much, more than words could ever describe. Make me the world’s happiest man once again.”

“…Stay? Oh, Earl… You know I love you with all my heart, and to get to spend even a moment with you is a blessing! But you know I can’t stay here, my love. Ashton and Senna, Shadow, the grandbabies… I still need to say goodbye first.”

“The family is fine, Rose! They would understand! If you love me, then don’t leave me!”

“Who… who are you? You’re not Earl! My Earl would understand!”

“Rose, don’t! Rose! If you leave, your memories will just keep slipping away from you, crumbling away like rocks from an unstable cliffside! Do you really want that? To go back to a family you continue to forget, piece by piece, when you can stay here and remember each and every fond memory?”

“Not my Earl, have to get away…”

“Have to… find a way out…”

“…Way out…”

“It seems it’s not time yet. Stubborn woman.”

“But you can’t run forever, Rose Hatcher. Rest assured, we’ll meet again soon… You have, after all, so recently kissed with Death…”

This was written for August for the Monthly Simlits Short Story Challenges thread from the Sims forums, which tasked folks to write a story in 500-2000 words using 1-15 screencaps using the theme “The Villain All Along.” I used 530 words and 15 screencaps. This short story can be considered a side story to my series The Cat Chronicles since it features characters from that series, but it is not necessary to read the parent work. Though readers of The Cat Chronicles could skip over this short story if they wish, since it does tie into some current plotlines, I would recommend against it, especially if recent events have left any confusion.

After the events in Cat Chronicles Day 56: The Accident, I realized a lot of readers assumed Rose was dead, when I thought the events would be fairly obvious from the pictures despite the fact Shadow could not explicitly explain what had happened, on account of him being a cat and therefore quite confused on exactly what had occured from his limited perspective. I guess I assumed the fact that Shadow got help quickly and there was a shot of an ambulance would draw readers naturally to the conclusion that Rose was in the hospital, and that was why she was suddenly gone from the Hatcher household; Shadow, however, can’t understand why exactly Rose is suddenly gone or explain these events. To him, she’s simply missing from his environment, and he’s confused and upset. Senna, likewise, is in a stressful situation; her mother is very old, has had a life-threatening accident and is in the hospital, and she now has to take care of the house while worrying the whole time if her mom is going to recover or not. Seeing the confusion that reader’s were having from the “cat perspective” made me decide I needed to slip in a “human perspective” chapter in between my normally scheduled chapters, so I themed something around the Short Story Challenge prompt for August. It may be a little dark given the prompt, but… it actually works quite well given current events, and hopefully this will clear things up.


About Mastress Alita

I'm a fulltime librarian, a chronic migraineur, a tea addict, and an avid Simmer that writes SimLit and maintains the Stories and Legacies Index, a link directory of SimLit on Wordpress. Though I obviously love cats, I actually don't own one! (Blame my apartment lease for that!) I do have a charming old cockatiel, Kali, that has been my companion for the last seventeen years!
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22 Responses to When We Meet Again

  1. Oh my goodness! My heart was beating so fast when she was running away from Earl. When she was remembering those lovely memories, I began to think she had died and was reunited with him. But when he said if she loved him, she’d stay, I was frightened right along with her. What a great story! <3

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    • It is definitely set up to look that way in the beginning! When the theme of the Short Story Challenge this month was “The Villain All Along” (the protagonist of the short story has to be the villain of the story) I felt like I needed some extra twist in there, like that already gave away too much. So I sort of got this idea floating in my head — using an established “good” character with a reveal that it was never them all along (she was being lured in, and chased — quite metaphorically — by Death, as a result of the injury she sustained). If nothing else, for everyone that thought she was *already* dead, hopefully this will establish quite clearly the reason she is “gone” is because she is in the hospital!

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  2. cathytea says:

    I pretty much figured she was recovering in the hospital , and I was ok with waiting to see how it turned out , but this was really a great (and dastardly ) way to clear it up . Really chilling !

    Liked by 2 people

    • In a way, this is what I’ve been dealing with in-game for a long time… the game trying to take Rose and me perpetually running from it and doing everything I can to keep prolonging it from happening as I’m so attached to her. But it also tied in nicely with clearly up current events as well, heh.

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  3. Rainy says:

    This gave me chills! Well done.

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  4. This was such a delight to read. And the pictures capture the dream-like (and then nightmarish!) tone so well. I’m glad Rose was able to find her way back from that place.

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  5. makplays says:

    That was very creepy, and an interesting tactic for Grim to use. Great job!

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  6. I know Rose is just at hospital and she’s not dead yet. However ahaha Earl is the Death here.

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    • Well, it seems that cat interpretations come across a bit better for some than others. Given Rose’s age and Shadow’s distress, I don’t really blame anyone for jumping to those conclusions, but I would never not give her a proper send-off if that were the case. Death has been after her for a while and I keep resisting because I’m so attached to her!

      It was actually a bit cathartic actually showing Death actively going after that character, since I’ve been fighting that event in-game for so long…

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      • She could indeed die there are not doubt but it’s too early. How many elders has got accident without obviously died right after falling on the floor? I used to live with my granny I know elders is always a big worry when they are not alright but that’s not the end yet for Rose. You let NO hint to warm us. Accident are among Life.

        Death here is frustrated because I know Grim is a jerk in this game. When Michelle-Angela deceased (by an absurdity I didn’t fortunately saved but I took pic for my story with her) as she didn’t have ambrosia, She didn’t listen to her praying.
        You embody Death point of view he could be cathartic but it isn’t. You speak right. You was real here.
        Why blaming people who think different? I am always out of the box I am not blaming them at all but I just wanted to let you know I understood what you leaded us.

        I know you like Rose a lot ;) and she’ll miss all your lector if you decided to let her go.

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      • She’s in Coma that’s also real to see her facing Death. Maybe she did a kind of NDE.

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      • Yes, it’s meant to be a NDE, sort of a dream-state between life-and-death.

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      • Because she’s remembering everything whereas Rose losts his remembers. A soul remembered everything after Death or in an other state of consciousness.

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  7. lisabeesims says:

    Wow what a great story … ohhhhh it was awesome

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  8. chealsycat says:

    Awesome story! <3 Congratulations on the second place!

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