Stories and Legacies Index – This user-submitted link directory hosted by yours truly currently has over 280 listed SimLit sites that range from The Sims to Sims 4! No matter the Sims game, no matter if the story is plot-driven or game-driven or something in-between, no matter if you are a popular author with a large following already or brand-new and just starting out, all Sim stories are welcome! There are no limits on format of creativity, either; a text-only Sim story or a video Let’s Play or challenge are just as welcome as anything else! So if you still have not stopped by and added your story to the stacks of this library, please consider doing so! This is also a great place to look for new reading material… so many Sim story links, conveniently collected in a single place!

Stories and Legacies Archive – A sister thread of the Stories and Legacies Index, the Stories and Legacies Archive is a link collective featuring sites by authors or Simmers that are not members of the EA forums or are currently inactive on the EA forums, or the story is currently discontinued or on hiatus. Remember, just because a ten generation legacy wasn’t finished doesn’t mean the five generations that were completed aren’t a fascinating read!

Book Club – Do you love reading SimLit? Join the book club hosted by CathyTea! Every week is a new story for you to enjoy, with guided discussions available every Friday! There is also a listing on the front post of all past titles, which can be used as a great reference if you are looking for something new to read!

Sims Story Spotlight – A Twitter maintained by Julyvee94 that highlights Sim stories!

The Sim’s Pen – A weekly newsletter hosted on the Sims Wikia that showcases Sims fanfiction works.

The Writer’s Hangout – Want to promote your story but don’t have the time to chat? The Writer’s Hangout is a place welcoming of link-dropping notifications of your new chapters, so feel free to drop and run… here, it’s totally okay! This is also a great place to scan for story titles, since most folks here use graphical cover images on their ads which may help to catch attention, much like the cover of a book.

A Quick Guide to SimLit – This guide by Julyvee94 is excellent for those getting started in SimLit! If you are thinking about writing SimLit and have no idea where to start, this guide will get you pointed in the right direction!

Helpful Guides For You – A WordPress site by SilentWolf101 with many helpful tutorial guides for SimLit authors! You can find basics for setting up a WordPress site, using the Sims forums, and using custom content and creating poses on Sims 3, and she is always willing to add more guides as new topics come up.

Short Story Challenges – Do you love short stories, or just want to try your hand at theme writing? Check out the Short Story Challenges hosted by Carewren123, where every month there is a new theme to write about in 500-1500 words using 1-12 screencaps. Challenging, but so much fun both to read and write! This thread is warm and welcoming of all authors, so even if you are a new writer, we’d love to have you! This is a great way to get practice; I can say I believe I’ve become a better writer myself from challenging myself with the short story themes each month!

The Art of Storytelling – Looking for thoughtful discussion on focused topics about writing SimLit? Then check out the Art of Storytelling thread hosted by MedleyMisty! Whether you are a new author or have finished legacies under your belt, all are welcome to share their experiences and ask questions! This can be a very insightful thread for the SimLit writer!

Sims and Friends: Share Your Stories!! – The official “hang out” of the Stories and Legacies section of the Sims forums, hosted by SilverDaybreak. This is a slower-paced thread, which makes it ideal for keeping up with discussions and commenting directly to folks.

Silver’s Simself Scroll – A directory of Simself downloads maintained by SilverDaybreak for your storytelling needs! My own Simself download can be found there on the Mastress Alita page.

Alice and Kev – The first Sims story I ever read and my inspiration for this blog, Alice and Kev is the story of a homeless father and daughter just trying to get by.

TheEnglishSimmer – A YouTube Simmer who does Let’s Play series with interesting stories.

The Sim Supply – Build and Let’s Play videos by Simmer James Turner. He focuses on building and money-raising aspects of the game, but has some series that focus on story-telling, as well.

Lazy Game Reviews – Informative yet humorous reviews on all the different games in the Sims series, as well as Let’s Play videos of several of the games, which are random, silly, and bound to make any Simmer laugh.