The Cat Chronicles Day 63: The Prowl

It’s cold, very cold. The white stuff is deep and thick, and continues to pile up from above. It’s a terrible day to be out… but sometimes, a feline gets that itch under the skin to roam their territory, to explore other territories, and simply enjoy the freedom to prowl.

A smart feline has an innate ability to find their way back to their den, and I’ve always prided myself on being the cleverest of felines. So today, despite the weather, I’m going to leave the den, and roam with no real destination.

The trick to keeping warm is to keep running. It keeps the blood pumping from the whiskers to the tip of the tail. The chill bite in the air against the nose or the icy cold stuff under the pads of the paws isn’t so bad if you just keep moving, and make your own warmth.

…I know this place. The water has turned hard and solid, and there is an odd stillness in the air in a hunting ground that is normally filled with activity, but I visit these grounds enough to recognize them despite the white coat. This place is not far from the den… no. This is not what I want! I desire new grounds, new prey… I must travel further!

I can’t help the surge of adrenalyne that fills my lithe form when I cross the tracks of the Roaring Monsters. It is the most dangerous part about going on the prowl. No hunter is fast enough or strong enough to defeat them; to be in the path of a Roaring Monster is certain death. A safe feline will avoid their path completely; a resourceful hunter is extra careful when crossing their tracks to reach new territory.

Luckily, the world is quiet this morning; there is no chirp of birds on the cold air, and even the Roaring Monsters seem to be at rest. I don’t mind. It feels like I have the world to myself, that I can mark whatever I please.

There is an odd sense of satisfaction being the first creature to lay tracks in the perfect blanket of white stuff.

Soon, I come to realize that the landscape is new and fresh, that I am running in a territory I’ve never been in before, and my lungs swell at that knowledge. I somehow feel lighter, my feet barely touching the ground before they are off again. Pata-pat pata-pat pata-pat on top of the cold stuff. It’s exhilarating!

Amidst the cold, and the calm, and the quiet, I’m shocked when my quiet pata-pats become a loud clop-clop-clop beside me. It seems I’m not the only one on the prowl! He is a great beast, and no doubt a fine hunter, as his camoflage is the perfect color of the cold stuff. Perhaps I’ve found his territory, and he means to run me off of it!

Ha! My legs are already primed for a race!

*gasp* *wheeze* Oh great food dish, he’s… he’s fast! Come on kitty, you’ve chased prey longer than this, just a little more…

Oh, he’s barely at a trot now! He’s trying to go easy on me now! This is just embarrassing…

All right, great beast. I concede. You win!

I had to rest, but the scenery was new, and full of places where prey might be hiding away from the cold. Somehow I got the impression this great beast became so good at prowling for defense rather than hunting, and wouldn’t mind me looking for tasties on his territory. His teeth had turned out to be a bit flat for a hunter.

I don’t mind that the race was lost. The journey was a success!

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Photo Friday #37: No Place to Hide

“It’s not bad enough to have Friday the 13th, we’ve gotta have a full moon too. We keep statistics. We have more accidents, more rapes, more robberies, more homicides, more of everything when there’s a full moon. It upsets people. Makes them nuts.”

–Tierney, Friday the 13th

Today is:

Friday the 13th

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [LeahLillith] Daydream Hair
Clothing: [ShojoAngel] Shoes Set 4
Accessory: [Severinka] Axe
Objects: [Kewai-dou] Bloody Floor
Pose: [ChillImps] Axe Man Pose Set
Pose: [TUF] Nervous Emotion Pose Pack
Sim: [95SlipKnoT95] Jason Voorhees
Lot: [ninotchka] Camp Crystal Lake

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The Cat Chronicles Day 62: Like Owner, Like Pet

Lately, the Wrinkly One has been acting more and more like a feline and less like a two-legger.

She has become much more choosy about her niblets. She no longer finishes what is in her food dish, and I can only assume that it must be because it is losing the nice smells, like the powdery bits left at the bottom of my food dish that I will never eat; when that is all that remains, it is time to inform the two-leggers it is time for fresh niblets. The Wrinkly One never seemed to mind which niblets she was getting before; she always emptied her food bowl without any issues.

Sometimes, she’ll stare out the viewing place for hours, at nothing in particular. Her eyes seem deep and focused, like she is watching some far-off prey, but I can’t find it. Not even the Roaring Monsters stir.

She spends most of her time in her comfy place, getting nice and comfy like a proper feline…

…And sometimes she switches up her comfy place, as no feline is ever happy getting comfy in only one spot.

When the comfy becomes too much, she’ll doze off into a blissful catnap…

And when the catnap reaches its conclusion, she even stretches her paws and jaw out like a proper feline.

She leaves her playthings all over the den, and while at first glance they don’t appear to be proper feline playthings, they are actually quite fun to bat around if you work your paws into them just right. They make a very satisfying flittering motion… no wonder the Wrinkly One enjoys batting them with her paws so much!

Is it strange that I find it hard to think of the Wrinkly One as my two-legger anymore, and instead see her as the milk-queen I never had?

Hmm… if my milk-queen were still around today, she would be a very, very old cat…

You’re a very old cat, aren’t you, Wrinkly One?

…And yet, there still seems to be a little huntress left in you, despite that…

Heh, we really are too alike, Wrinkly One.

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Photo Friday #36: We’re All Mad Here

“Yes, that’s it,” said the Hatter with a sigh: “it’s always tea time, and we’ve no time to wash the things between whiles.”

–Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Today is:

Mad Hatter Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [NewSea] J137 Inside Out
Hair: [NewSea] J138 Blitz
Hair: [Skysims] Hair 010
Clothing: [Anubis360] Alice Dress
Accessory: [MTSims] Hatter’s Hat
Accessory: [Studio Star Girls] Teacup and Teapot
Accessory: [NewSea] Rabbit Ears
Objects: [Dr. Pepper Promo] Alice in Wonderland Set
Objects: [MTSims] Card’s Tea Party
Objects: [SIMcredible] Tea Time
Pose: [KiddoSims] Happy Birthday to You
Pose: [Studio Star Girls] Tea Time
Sim: [Anubis360] Alice
Lot: [rickyg91] Wonderland
World: [Rflong7] Redwood Forest

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Hello lovely readers!

Since July I’ve been running my site on a new schedule, in which I write my content a month in advance, and I’ve found that this is working out for me very well, given the random and sporadic nature of my frequent chronic migraines. For the last three months, I’ve managed to get all my content prepared on time… but it has also taken me the entire month to do it, and I haven’t had much time to dedicate to any other hobbies. I’m happy with how things are going, but at the same time, I feel I need to try to free a few things up from that monthly schedule, so that I can get back to other things I rely on for relaxing and down time, like reading (I haven’t been able to read any Simlit in over a year and I’d really like to be able to dedicate some time to that again!) and coloring.

For October, you won’t be seeing any noticable changes… except Teatime Tuesday has now moved to its own blog, Teatime Tuesday. So if you follow Teatime Tuesday and actually want to know who won the Harry Potter House Cup of Tea tomorrow, you’ll need to Follow at the new WordPress, and check it out there tomorrow! All the tea reviews have been moved there and deleted off this site. Pumpkinpalooza is all set to go at the new site! I felt this was the best course of action, as I love writing this segment and have no intention of quitting it, but it gets very low interest and views here; this way the tea reviews won’t be cluttering the Readers of Simmers who don’t care about that content, and (hopefully) they can find an audience that currently might be turned away by the big Sims 3 banner at the top of the page.

Starting in November, Photo Friday will be switching to a bi-weekly schedule. There will be two Photo Fridays in November (the 10th and 24th) and two in December (the 8th and 22nd). Starting in 2018, Photo Friday will be changing to a monthly segment… think of it like getting a new calendar image each month! These will debut the first Friday of each month. I love doing Photo Friday and appreciate how many people are enjoying them, but for what may seem like something quite “simple,” they are actually quite time-intensive! (CC-hunting, creating Sims, decorating the sets, photoshooting, etc.) The time it takes to produce them is just becoming a bit much for a weekly segment, which is why I think my best course of action, if I want to free some time to be able to persue some of my other hobbies, is to switch the segment from weekly to monthly.

Cat Chronicles will still be continuing on its weekly schedule; the first three Saturdays of the month (unless something comes up) will be Cat Chronicles chapters. Normally the last Saturday of the month is my story for the Short Story Challenge thread on the Sims forums; I have participated in the Short Story Challenge for two years straight, and have decided I am going to be more lax about that now. The last week of the month is going to be my “dark” week — consider it a week off for me to relax. If inspiration strikes, I may decide to write a short story, and these will still go up on the last Saturday of the month. When that happens, consider it a pleasant surprise or a bonus that month. ^_~

Thanks so much!

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These Things Happen

“Hey Constance, I’ve finally come up with an idea for the Short Story Challenge on the Sims forums this month! The theme for September is ‘Vacation’ and I didn’t want to be too on-the-nose with it, so it took me forever to come up with a premise that I liked!

“It’s going to start right in the middle of a fantasy adventure — a ranger and a young lad are riding through a forest, when suddenly they are interrupted by a caped man in their path!

“The caped man says, ‘Finally I’ve found you now, Princess!’

“The ranger denies his claim as obviously he’s traveling with a young boy, but the caped man simply laughs and says he can’t be so easily fooled, because they’ve already found — and killed — the prince, and know now that the King must have passed the throne down to his daughter despite the claims otherwise, because with the prince dead and the King’s body sick with the curse, otherwise the land would be well dead, and it is still alive… for it is linked to her.

“She is shocked and upset to hear about her brother, and about to rush the stranger, but is stopped by the ranger, who is shot down by an arrow from the caped assailent and tumbles from his horse! Suddenly light erupts around her and her horse, a mottled brown mare, turns into a pearly unicorn beneath her! There is a gasp… and the scene cuts out to show a girl reading a book and proclaiming, ‘The princess is a Unicorn Knight?!’

“Then the girl is interrupted by her mother, who is done with her shopping, but the girl says, ‘Mom, can we pleeeeeeeease get this book, please? I have to know what happens next!’ Her mother just smiles and accepts.

“The final image will cut to a corner of the bookstore, where a poster displays a quote by author Charlaine Harris that reads, ‘Here’s to books, the cheapest vacation you can buy.’ What do you think?”

“Sounds pretty ambitious! Do you think you can get it done in time?”

“I don’t work this Saturday, which gives me one good weekend to work on screencaps before the deadline, which is the most time-intensive part of the process… I think it’s manageable!”

“Good luck!”

*That Weekend*

“Uuuuuugh… Mommy’s head is killing her today, Casanova. The Imitrex last night didn’t work, so I’m just going to have to ride this one out… I put extra food out, try not to get into too much trouble while I’m hiding from the pain in unconsciousness, okay?”

*Four Days Later*

“Oh man, I still feel a bit like a zombie after being in bed four days straight with a migraine, but now that it has finally passed, let’s see if I can finally get some writing done!”

“What?! What is this?! The screen is flickering! Uuugh… I can’t write on my computer like this! Or do anything else on here for that matter… that’s just another migraine waiting to happen!”

*sigh* “It’s no use, Casanova! I’ve tried different refresh rates, updated my video drivers, swapped all my cables to the monitor… but I can just tell that this monitor is dying. It’s over ten years old… all things considered, it’s amazing it has lasted this long without the backlight going out on it yet. I’ve ordered a new one, but it isn’t going to arrive for several days… and I can’t use it like this. I won’t be able to play Sims 3 in this condition, so I’m not going to be able to enter the Short Story Challenge this month. I guess this was fate’s way of telling me I needed to take a vacation, huh?”

*The Next Morning*

“Mmm… this Zhushan oolong is fantastic! The light floral notes are so refreshing…


“You know, Casanova, this month’s short story would have been my twenty-fourth written for Short Story Challenge… my two year anniversary! It’s true! I really did want to get a story in this month, since it would be such a big milestone, you know? So it’s a little disappointing… Not that I’m not looking forward to doing some reading, and finally picking back up some of my coloring projects, and at least I can still watch Twitch streams on my laptop until the new monitor arrives so I’m not totally shut off–

“Hmmmmmmm… you know, there is nothing that is stopping me from writing on that laptop…

“Casanova, you are a genius!”

This was written for September for the Monthly Simlits Short Story Challenges thread from the Sims forums, which tasked folks to write a story in 500-1500 words using 1-12 screencaps using the theme “Vacation.” I used 760 words and 6 screencaps, but the story is entered under the “For Fun” category. It is a completely stand-alone story, and features my Simself. If anyone is crazy enough to want her in their game, she is available for download from SilverDaybreak’s Simself Scroll in both Sims 3 and Sims 4 flavors. Casanova is also available with the Sims 3 version!

While I’ve written many stories that were inspired from bits and pieces of my life, this is my first autobiographical piece (aside from Constance and Casanova being fictional, of course!) I came up with my idea for the short story theme late into the month this month, leaving me about ten days left to pull it all together. I got struck with a migraine that lasted four days, and then only had about a week left to do the story. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except… my monitor developed a nasty flicker, which you can imagine for someone with chronic migraine made my computer unusable for me. Being a former IT brat, I did all the typical trouble-shooting, but it became clear the 10+ year old monitor was simply on its way out and had to be replaced. By the time the replacement would arrive, I would not have time to get any screencaps for the story.

So I decided to write a story on my laptop, and use images from my previous stories, woven together in a new way, to tell a new story. This idea was actually inspired from the old April prompt Choose Your Own Screencaps. I also felt, seeing as this was my two-year anniversary story, this was an oddly provincial way of celebrating — by bringing bits of older stories together — and, at the same time, after two years fate forced me into taking a vacation — the very prompt this month! — whether I had planned on it or not. The world works in mysterious ways!

After two years straight of writing for the Short Story Challenge, I may no longer be so strict on myself from here on out when it comes to getting an entry done each month, but when I do feel the inspiration, I’m sure I’ll still be tossing in a “For Fun” entry, because I love to challenge my writing with the different themes! I’ve really enjoyed writing for Short Story Challenge for the last two years! That’s twenty-four short stories that were brought to life from feeling challenged and inspired by the fun prompts… thanks so much Carewren123, Spottydog714, Silentwolf101, and Pegasus143, the excellent moderators who have all put time into running Short Story Challenge during the two years I’ve been submitting stories!

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Photo Friday #35: Happy Birthday

Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.

–Lois Wyse

Today is:

National Attend Your Grandchild’s Birthday Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [Anto] Ana Hair
Hair: [Cazy] Harper Hairstyle
Hair: [Sims 3 Store] Bodacious Bangs
Clothing: [lillka] Cute Panda Toddler Set
Accessory: [SketchbookPixels] Bear Hat
Objects: [LadeSire] Birthday Set
Objects: [SIMcredible] SIMcredible 7th Anni! Set
Pose: [KiddoSims] Happy Birthday to You
Pose: [Sim-locked] Sweet Wonders
Lot: [luvalphvle] Base Game Series #8

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