Photo Friday #42: Decorating the Christmas Tree

It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters, it’s who’s around it.

–Charlie Brown

Today is:

National Christmas Tree Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Lemonleaf] Asian Skin
Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [Anto] Alesso – Cliche
Hair: [Kewai-dou] Yayoi
Hair: [NewSea] Leisure Male Hairstyle
Hair: [NewSea] Morning Dew Female Hairstyle
Objects: [Ladesire] Christmas Decor
Objects: [Severinka] Christmas Set
Objects: [Severinka] Christmas Set II
Pose: [Delight33] Every Holiday Life
Pose: [Delight33] Happy New Year
Pose: [LoriSims] Children’s Christmas
Lot: [Alistair] Suburban Living

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Photo Friday #41: A Perfect Holiday Weekend

If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get.

–Frank A. Clark

Today is:

Buy Nothing Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [Sims 3 Store] Blown Away Hairstyle
Clothing: [Peacemaker] Patter Up Baseball Tees
Clothing: [Peacemaker] Slouchie Trackie Pants
Clothing: [Zodapop] Check Print Leggings
Objects: [Around the Sims 3] Table Dining Plate
Objects: [Tankuz] Sandwiches Set
Pose: [Delight33] Best Friends
Lot: [attuned] Cabin in the Woods

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Photo Friday #40: Come and Play, Everything’s A-OK

There is nothing that “Sesame Street” can’t teach you, if you let it.

–Sarah Churchwell

Today is:

Sesame Street Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Kurasoberina] Freckled Fruit Redux Skin
Skin: [Teru K] ESkin-nAtural+
Hair: [NewSea] MoonRiver Female Hairstyle
Objects: [Around the Sims 3] Puppet Show
Objects: [eris3000] Playable Sesame Street Friends
Lot: [BlackRosesx] Anumbridge Remaker Series

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Photo Friday #39: What Prowls in the Dark

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.”


Today is:

National Black Cat Day

Custom-Content Highlights:

Objects: [sim_man123] Pumpkin Patch
Lot: [ehaught58] Pumpkin Patch
Pose: [ChillImp] Black Cat Poses

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The Cat Chronicles Day 64: Breakfast

It is early. At this hour, the air should be noisy with birdsong, but it is quiet. Too quiet. It is an unnatural sort of silence… the sort of heavy, empty lack of sound that hangs in the air when prey senses danger and doesn’t dare move, scared that the rapid flutter of a heartbeat is enough to give them away.

Yes, I’m sure of it! I can feel that odd prickling sensation in my whiskers that I always get when prey is near!

Oh, I will find you, my tricky little tasty… Clearly you underestimate the power of my keen sense of smell! No amount of silence will keep me from sniffing you out~ *sniff sniff* Oh, is that… poultry?!

Now you’ve really got me excited…

Haha! Found you! Tsk, hiding under the leafy spot, how predictable! Come here, you!

Uh… um… hmm… where did the bird go? *spits out single feather*

Well, that wasn’t how that was supposed to play out at all. How embarrassing.


I guess I’ll have to… get my morning meal from alternative means…

Heeeeeeeeey Wrinkly One, could I interest you in some wet food this morning? Or some of those oily meaty bits? Those are pretty good– oh.

Hmmm… teaching the Kit your two-legger ways of hunting, I see.

Heeeeeeeey Two-legger Kit! You have something tasty for the kitty, right?

Soft, succulent tuna fish?

Oily meaty bits?! I know you like them, but I share my hunting with you all the time! Don’t forget that fresh snake meat! You owe me!


Kibbles again, my Queen.


…But at least a bowl of kibbles is still better than an empty food bowl.

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Photo Friday #38: A Friend Through Eternity

Your library is your paradise.

–Desiderius Erasmus

Today is:

National Friends of Libraries Week

Custom-Content Highlights:

Skin: [Moonskin] Cherry Skin
Hair: [LeahLillith] Dreamcatcher Hair
Clothing: [Sims 3 Store] Ravena
Lot: [Ruby] The Gothic Mansion

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The Cat Chronicles Day 63: The Prowl

It’s cold, very cold. The white stuff is deep and thick, and continues to pile up from above. It’s a terrible day to be out… but sometimes, a feline gets that itch under the skin to roam their territory, to explore other territories, and simply enjoy the freedom to prowl.

A smart feline has an innate ability to find their way back to their den, and I’ve always prided myself on being the cleverest of felines. So today, despite the weather, I’m going to leave the den, and roam with no real destination.

The trick to keeping warm is to keep running. It keeps the blood pumping from the whiskers to the tip of the tail. The chill bite in the air against the nose or the icy cold stuff under the pads of the paws isn’t so bad if you just keep moving, and make your own warmth.

…I know this place. The water has turned hard and solid, and there is an odd stillness in the air in a hunting ground that is normally filled with activity, but I visit these grounds enough to recognize them despite the white coat. This place is not far from the den… no. This is not what I want! I desire new grounds, new prey… I must travel further!

I can’t help the surge of adrenalyne that fills my lithe form when I cross the tracks of the Roaring Monsters. It is the most dangerous part about going on the prowl. No hunter is fast enough or strong enough to defeat them; to be in the path of a Roaring Monster is certain death. A safe feline will avoid their path completely; a resourceful hunter is extra careful when crossing their tracks to reach new territory.

Luckily, the world is quiet this morning; there is no chirp of birds on the cold air, and even the Roaring Monsters seem to be at rest. I don’t mind. It feels like I have the world to myself, that I can mark whatever I please.

There is an odd sense of satisfaction being the first creature to lay tracks in the perfect blanket of white stuff.

Soon, I come to realize that the landscape is new and fresh, that I am running in a territory I’ve never been in before, and my lungs swell at that knowledge. I somehow feel lighter, my feet barely touching the ground before they are off again. Pata-pat pata-pat pata-pat on top of the cold stuff. It’s exhilarating!

Amidst the cold, and the calm, and the quiet, I’m shocked when my quiet pata-pats become a loud clop-clop-clop beside me. It seems I’m not the only one on the prowl! He is a great beast, and no doubt a fine hunter, as his camoflage is the perfect color of the cold stuff. Perhaps I’ve found his territory, and he means to run me off of it!

Ha! My legs are already primed for a race!

*gasp* *wheeze* Oh great food dish, he’s… he’s fast! Come on kitty, you’ve chased prey longer than this, just a little more…

Oh, he’s barely at a trot now! He’s trying to go easy on me now! This is just embarrassing…

All right, great beast. I concede. You win!

I had to rest, but the scenery was new, and full of places where prey might be hiding away from the cold. Somehow I got the impression this great beast became so good at prowling for defense rather than hunting, and wouldn’t mind me looking for tasties on his territory. His teeth had turned out to be a bit flat for a hunter.

I don’t mind that the race was lost. The journey was a success!

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