Sims Pride 2016!

Greetings, everyone! Mastress Alita here with another vlog, and this time we are celebrating LGBT Pride Month! But then, I’m sure my rather colorful decor gave that away, didn’t it? I wanted to dress Casanova up as a Drag Queen, but he was having none of it… I’m still finding pieces of that feather boa in unspeakable places…

For this special vlog, I asked for you viewers near and far across the Sim Nations to submit a favorite photo that shows just how much beautiful diversity is out there within our Simming community, amongst both Simmers and their Sim creations. Lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, those still questioning, intersexuals, asexuals, heterosexual allies of the community, pansexuals, and polyamorous Sims were all welcome, and I’m so excited to get to share with you all the amazing Sims that will be featured in this little virtual photo parade for the first ever Sims Pride!

Taking pride in who you are, and loving yourself no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation, is such an important message, and as part of the LGBTQQIAAPP community, we must continue to stand strong and continue to support each other. I’m sure as you all know, on the 12th of this month, a gunman killed 49 people and injured another 53 at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy, all the friends and family directly affected by this act of terrorism, and everyone else in the LGBT+ community that has been saddened by this hate crime. Therefore, Sims Pride 2016 is dedicated to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

I’ve lit a white candle in their honor, and it will be kept burning throughout the event. Before we get started, let’s take a small moment of silence to honor our fellow LGBT+ community members that lost their lives that night.




Thank you all so much. I really am honored to be part of such an amazing community, and you’ll see why in a moment! So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the wonderful, diverse Sims that take pride in being who they are! All characters will be named from left to right, unless otherwise noted.

Our first submission comes from rednenemon! She writes The Racket-Rotter Chronicles, and featured above are two characters from her story, bisexual Sinbad Rotter, and homosexual Shark Racket.

Next we have Journalist (a.k.a. Journy) and Demetrius Kleos from The Kleos Famacy by ginnymalfoy22! This adorable couple was the generation seven heir and spouse. Journy is pansexual, and Demetrius is homosexual.

It can’t be Pride without a Drag Queen, right? This lovely Queen is Plumbum Von Botox, and she comes from MadameLee, the author of the Swanson Legacy.

This lovely lady is Sugar Maple Bough from CathyTea’s Goofy Love Legacy and New World Symphony, and she is a lesbian, but has a preference for the term “Sapphist.”

Next up is a couple submitted by BBQPenguinWings! Meet bisexual Heaven Montgomery-Hollingsworth and homosexual Dr. Alayna Hollingsworth, the main characters from Get to Work Vignettes: The Doctor and the Artist.

Look, it’s RipuAncestor! She’s the author of The Fey of Life and The Chrysanthemum Tango, and she’s an asexual!

OJenn has kindly shared with us Bobbie, an MtF transgender that you can read all about in Simtropolis: Windenburg Edition. According to OJenn, “She identifies as pansexual mainly due to her open-mindedness when it comes to choosing partners. Male or female or even trans, she feels that it’s the person that counts and not the gender.”

XSimMimX is also here! She’s the author of Castaway Legacy, and a lesbian!

Here we have Olivia Bloomer, a.k.a. Liv, right, with her wife Heather. They can be found in generation five of ThePlumbob’s Bloomer Legacy.

This group photo comes from Charliimai! On the far left is Sage Riverstone, a Drag Queen from a Murder Mystery Game (that makes a reappearance in The Case: An Interactive Story). On the far right is Oake Vogel from The Vogel Legacy. He’s gay, but had a son with the help of a friend as a surrogate; that’s his boy, Rebel Vogel, beside him!

This cute lesbian couple, Alex and Harmony, was submitted by Kater Creation. According to Kater Creation, “They met when they were both homeless. It was love at first sight.” Daaw. Kater Creation is the author of Hopeless for Autumn: Kater Creation.

Here we have Twiggy, author of Twiggy’s Sim Adventures, with her other half, a.k.a. the Druid. They are featured in the short story Pixelated Love. Twiggy doesn’t like labels but is definitely an ally! She says she considers herself somewhat pansexual and her current partner is bisexual, and they have twins!

Meet Aaron Noble, his daughter Joi Noble, and Caiden Woodall, from The Challenge Mashup Rotation by Rainydayz179. At the time of this photo Aaron was questioning, and Caiden is homosexual. They make such a cute family!

It’s remi_narrow! She writes The McDougal Legacy and also short stories! She’s standing with us today as a proud ally!

This impressive group comes from Pegasus143 , author of MAKPLAYS! In the back row on the far left, that lovely lesbian couple is Mary Anne Goth and Mindy Albert, who are featured in the short story December Fools Day as well as After the Wedding; in the front row we have Annabeth Goth, an ally from After the Wedding, and Angel Doll, an MtF transgender from The Doll House; and finally, that group in the back, from left to right, features ally Emma Lockheart from The Lost Prince, Matias Goth, a FtM transgender from After the Wedding, Pegasus herself, a pansexual, who features in the story Letters to My Younger Self, and Rebekah McNair, a lesbian from the short story Words Never Heard.

This darling lesbian couple, Ani and Shanna, is courtesy of Frantika, and can be found in her story Tribe Dahae: An Amazon Challenge!

From InfraGreen’s Eight Cicadas, in the foreground we have lesbians Mari Kindle and Samira Racket, and in the background is Amy Bull, a bisexual, and Annette Waverly, a pansexual!

This fierce Drag Queen is Roundee Rouge! She is biologically male, identifies as male, and is attracted to males (yes gurl)! Submitted by Jellysimwich, the author of Life Is, she can be found in a Drag Queen modelling competition organized by Jellysimwich, Drag Me to Fame! If you want to see other fierce Queens strutting the runway in amazing looks, check it out; right now the theme is Pride!

This gorgeous portrait is courtesy of ValoisFulcanelli, and features Gunther Goth, a bisexual, and Valois Fulcanelli, who is homosexual. You can read all about these two in ValoisFulcanelli’s story The Madness of Mr. Goth!

Meet Simsophonique! She is the author of Miss V Detective, where you can find her Simself in a variety of misadventures! She is an asexual of the demi-heteroromantic variety!

These soon-to-be parents are from iiimee’s Harrington Legacy! Featured are Johnny Zest, who’s sexuality is unknown, and Lord (yes, that’s his first name!) Harrington, who is gay. Congrats, you two!

Here we have Dorothy Blanc, on the right, being proposed to by her girlfriend, Olivia! Dorothy is the daughter of the founder from swcheppes’s story Disney Legacy: The Blancs.

This lesbian couple, Cecilia and Willow, come from The Lockwood Legacy by AuroraLockwood! AuroraLockwood’s stories feature many cute lesbian couples, so also make sure to check out Aurora’s other site, This is UNEQUIVOCALLY us!: A Series of Blog Styled Stories.

This gender-queer individual is Shannon, pictured with their daughter Casey. Submitted by ra3rei, author of Raerei’s Fortress, Raerei states that, “Day to day Shannon presents more feminine than masculine, but is capable of fathering children, so they’re really not intersexed. In relationships, they’re bi; although their most lasting relationships have been with females. Prefers neither pronoun, but both she and he are fine.”

This couple features Laurent D’Allegro, gay, with his boyfriend, Fabrizio Caprice, bisexual, who recently came out to his family to live with his love Laurent. They are characters from Andante Zen’s story The Last Canvas, an ongoing story since 2013 which deals with three generations of gay men facing their sexuality and coming out from different perspectives!

This pair of bisexuals are Brandon Ross and Blacq Star. They were submitted by Blacq Star, who runs a Sims modeling site, Black Star Inc. Model Management! You can also check them out on Facebook!

Here we have Audrie and Kalia, a lesbian couple from putacece4lyfe’s short story Wanderess. Putacece4lyfe also writes It’s an Olivia Love World and Disney Princess Challenge.

From DarciTheFox’s Love Like a Snail, we have Rei, an intersex individual! According to DarciTheFox, this picture is “the first time they’ve taken a step towards the middlegender and towards who they really are.” Awesome, Rei!

And finally, here is my own submission, featuring myself there on the right (only a migraineur would wear shades at night, you know!). Seated across from me is my good friend Todd. We are both proud asexuals! Joining us is Ty Neumann, a FtM transgender! You can read all about him in my short story Growing Pains. Ty is still questioning his sexual preferences, but I’m pretty sure the cats are polyamorous… they seem to enjoy stealing pets from everyone! We are partaking in the great asexual tradition of eating cake… err, except apparently according to recent health studies in Sim Nation eating cake causes premature aging, and I have enough gray hairs already, so instead we opted for the next best thing, pumpkin pie! …It was vegan-friendly per Todd’s request, of course.

That’s it for Sims Pride 2016! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have! As you can see, we have so much diversity out there in our Simming community, and it really deserves to be showcased!

I’d like to take this moment to thank all those Simmers that took the time to submit a photo to Sims Pride this year! It really means a lot to me! I’d love to see you all back again with more great images next June for another amazing Sims Pride, and hopefully we can get even more people involved next year!

If any of you viewers out there have any questions or need any definitions, have any personal stories you’d like to share about being part of the LGBTQQIAAPP community, links to recommended Sim stories out there that feature favorite LGBT+ characters or themes, or even links to an LGBT+ Sim or Sim couple that you didn’t manage to submit on time, feel free to share them in the comments! I keep my comments open to all, so you do not have to have a WordPress account, and you can even comment anonymously if that makes you more comfortable! This event is all about sharing our love, support, education, awareness, and bonds of community… so never be ashamed to take pride in who you are!

Thanks everyone!

About Mastress Alita

I'm a fulltime librarian, a chronic migraineur, a tea addict, and an avid Simmer that writes SimLit and maintains the Stories and Legacies Index, a link directory of SimLit on Wordpress. Though I obviously love cats, I actually don't own one! (Blame my apartment lease for that!) I do have a charming old cockatiel, Kali, that has been my companion for the last seventeen years!
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62 Responses to Sims Pride 2016!

  1. Twiggy says:

    Wow, I really enjoyed reading that and it is wonderful to see our diverse simming community in action. Thank you for sharing! <3

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  2. Senna says:

    Ahh, I love seeing all the different LGBTQQIAAPP pictures and stories! :D

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  3. This was truly beautiful to see. Thanks for doing this!

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  4. Simsophonique says:

    First of all sorry Pride for giving only a sims picture , I am mono sims player and despite
    I got a hugest ace pride, (I don’t know how many people are in the spectrum) and I have got a lot of sims who have got plenty of boyfriends/girlfriends as Martin who got 4 girlfriends (polyamourous no?I don’t know sorry) I could not leave my story due to the mission Miss V did not finish yet and with my crappy PC that crashed when I use the underground…better be prudent.As she is single but Néo is attracted by her, I rather show you her in everyday activities.
    And who hates skating at night? I done that long time ago !

    Congratulations on the engagements,weddings,babies, families , and for finding a right mate to live your amazing sims and real life.
    You’re all wonderful no matter what you are, what you feel.Yes we should stay united,no matter the sex(s) or the gender(s) we are attracted and love.When I heard about what’s happened in Orlando, I felt I lost family member.It’s so unfair.
    Sometimes I am feel prideless because I am ace (demisexual) as you wish I don’t care of the right label I am in the A spectrum we’re a family and demiheteromantic and nobody cares of us because we’re the majority hear so (heterosexual),the majority ignores us too and treats us badly, how many times I was myself not understood and myself can’t explain who I am to the people.I feel rejected on every part.This day is special for me so I want to thank you !! It was so important for me to take part of sims Pride.I discovered who I am in December 2015 it changes me deeply even though sometimes I feel a bit ashamed .Because there is NO awareness here about Asexuality.I never heard that .I only knew about LGBTI.
    What is the asexual tradition of eating cakes? LOL

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    • Were you surprised to see how many Simselves submitted were also asexual? Ace pride is really growing! In the area I live in, asexuality awareness is also next to none. If I tell someone I am asexual, I always get weird looks and asked “What is that?” When I explain it means that I don’t experience sexual attraction, I’m always told things like, “Oh, you just haven’t met the right person yet!” Folks around here don’t really *want* to get it. But when I visit my best friend Todd, who lives in another state, the culture there is *totally* different. People there have much more awareness and acceptance of diversity. It really can depend on your area.

      The best website for resources on being Ace is AVEN… this website single-handedly changed my entire life! That’s where the joke about cake came from. I think it was something like, “Who needs sex when there is cake in the world?” and it originated on the forums, and cake appears in some of their logos and merchandising now. ^_^

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      • raerei says:

        Gah – yes, same with me for the most part and I live in a large city. And when I mention it to many folks they’re like whaa? Although, my funniest moment was when I “came out” asexual to my friends and my friend was like. “Yeah, I figured.” I wanted to ask her why she didn’t tell me! (I had just learned that I wasn’t just a late (30+ years old) bloomer!)

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      • Simsophonique says:

        If people are not awared and not heart open,make sure people won’t react well no matter where you livce.That’s why we have to be visible.

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      • Simsophonique says:

        In France when I see how disgusted the “manif pour tous” were for same sex marriage and how some people reacts negativitely to Prides and the lack of awareness about Ace one .I have no hopes and as my illness (IBS) I found out my answer in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Canada/USA.Men you made my life better .Even though I know a lot of people here also are open-minded and accept Diversity.When I was a teenager and where everybody asked me about my own sexuality it was misunderstood all the time.Between “you’re a lesbian” or “you did not find the right man yet be patient” and my difficulties to express what I feel “I like boys but I don’t feel the need to fuck them”, “when I am around by boys I don’t feel them hot same as girls and same as everything”, and I myself victimized saying to myself ” I got surely an hormonal dys/malfunction “by lack of awareness it was hard.
        When with some girls we spoke about what they feel when they are with a biy they are attracted by they spoke feelings I have never felt and still not I said in my mind” why I feel anything” ? Sometimes I answered them I did not feel this.I did not understood what these.I am almost 28 I am still a virgin and I never have a boyfriend.As a lot of ace I am a fetish and my boyfriend is imaginary.(I make him on TS3 and TS2)

        About the sims, all the simmers that followed me on tumblr were sexual , NSFW pictures.No matter the orientation or the gender.
        It was disconfortable to me too much.I did not dared to tell them my sufferings.I accept those stuffs but when I decided or when I need.I accept a certain degree of reality a few .Even though my own game I have got adult stuffs for some needs, my city became to much sexualized I put my adult CC out because I was sick of seeing p*rn everywhere, however it was useful for describing my true feelings face to that reality .I never downloaded them for these purposes, just for intimacy.So it’ll be awesome if we could find each other.And read different point of views about Asexualities.

        Let’s talk about Aven.Aven is very awesome .I read an article about assexualities and demisexuality ansd I feel myself in the demi and I feel free , I cried of joy.

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      • Simsophonique, I went through a lot of the same things you describe. Throughout highschool, I had met a boy online and we became a couple. We shared all the same interests and in my heart, I loved this person very much. Over the Internet, there was no need for “physical intimacy”, so it wasn’t until we turned 18 and he flew out to meet me and suddenly that factor was thrown into the mix that I realized “something was wrong.” I’d been “with him” for four years but didn’t “feel a thing” when it came to holding hands, cuddling, and especially kissing… in fact, that made me feel gross and weird. I felt so bad about it all that I felt like I had to call it all off after he went back home. And there was nothing different about his personality at all, and I still loved him “in my heart of hearts.” I just wasn’t experiencing “physical attration.” This guy was a saint and has stayed my friend throughout the years. Many people told me the problem was I did “online dating” and therefore never had “physical attraction” as a component, so I tried dating a local guy in college… and the exact same thing happened. Everything was fine, until things escalated up to the kissing stage. It was obvious to me at this point something was wrong. Then everyone told me, “Well, it’s obvious Sara… you’re a lesbian!” Years later it just so happened I fell in love with a woman online… but again, I felt no physical component, it was just her mind and personality I was in love with. When she found out about my “crush,” she called off our friendship. It was about at this point I was very depressed and didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was capable of love, but didn’t like the physical aspects that seemed obligatory for those kind of relationships. I didn’t know what I was or where I was supposed to fit. Apparently not having physical feelings for guys immediately meant I was supposed to feel them for women, and I didn’t. NO ONE suggested not feeling them for either gender could be a valid option. On top of that, I still had fantasies and a healthy self-stimulation lifestyle. What in the world was wrong with me? And then I found the website AVEN. After reading through the material there, I realized I was asexual… and I wasn’t alone. All I needed was some clarity in my life! I’m so glad that site has helped you too!

        As you can see… you are not alone here! You know my e-mail, so you can e-mail anytime you need. Remember there is a supportive community among Simmers!

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      • Simsophonique says:

        That’s neat with aromantic people is they love the person for who they are, they don’t need Intimacy for being well with somebody. Your relashionship is a big, strong friendship.It’s relatively close to who I am in a certain extend.Even thought I need a bit of romance.
        I agree with you, in reality it’s complicated more because people needs romance action and for aro, it’s harder to stay in couple , except if they found out an other aro to match.I hope you found a somebody now Sara.
        Online dating is not a trouble, romantic people feel physical attraction through a photograph I know I have a successful online dating story in my family.So it’s not a reason that justified your aromantism.I agree.
        You experienced situation that confirms who you are, and believe me I am totally supportive despite I am demiromantic .I so much felt anything for I even don’t care to try out and to continue to convince me I was a casual heterosexual girl, whereas I always had an asexual behaviour and most harder when I was a teen than now just because I want to try intercourse , with a boy, that disturb me,make me doubtful about being an ace.Then my situation avoid me to push me into love relashionship .
        However as heteromantic, I have aesthetical criterias and I have crushes on people they please me physically. No worries they dissapear most of time I can’t tied them and I don’t dare really because I can live without them.Plus I know I am not pleasing men and if I am, that’s a lost cause for most of them or they must be patient with me, time to see if I enough bound.Most of the romantic/sexual people are not patient.They want you cold turkey.That’s an act of agresssion for me.Real agression I am furious, most of the time and not very well.One day I almost assault a man who hit on me.
        That’s the single common point I have with the rest of heterosexuals.And the reason why I did not guessed my Demisexuality and a lot of Pride rejects us as Pride people we are unclear.We’re in the smoke/fog. I admit I even sometimes still doubtful.Plus even for me, it’s like been always living searching the Ideal Mate all the time in fact we don’t do that.We physically, mentally and I can feel something with a person we bound.We can accept romance and even sex and have pleasure .
        I always had the behaviour of an asexual person harder when I was younger than now, just because I want to experience intercourse , the missing link to really confirm who I am, most of the time this idea afraids me and I feel it as an obligation, I am floating between I want and I don’t want to do.I even can’t predict how I’ll be .(Plus as a Libra It can’t help me)
        It’s easier to label people are lesbians as if to be a Lesbian was the right sexuality we are not rejecting men, we love them in our not so typical ways.Lebians is attracting by feminine or female human being.The lack of awareness or rather for a lot of them the Homophobism from the society disgust me, as if labelled quickly a girl or a guy as Lesbian/Gay is a problem or the solution of a problem and not a real deep feeling and a real deep attraction.I know Simmers are supportive but I rather don’t keep in touch well.I rathe stay alongside .I am tired of being criticized or being into private dramas I hate being a bother, I am not a cyberbully or a harrasing girl.

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  5. Trip says:

    Now I have a brand new batch of stories to read!

    And now everyone can see my favorite Cicadas couple. :D

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  6. Simsophonique says:

    Reblogged this on Simsophonique & The Sims and commented:
    I took part to the awesome Sims Pride .
    We lost family in Orlando, we’ll fight the HATE !

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  7. I’m from Canada and this month is the fist Pride month across the country ever. Normally only Toronto has a Pride week-but not anymore.

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    • That’s fantastic MadameLee! National Pride Month is the month of June in the United States to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots that happened in Manhattan, which were a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. The last Sunday of the month is often considered “Gay Pride Day” and when many Pride parades take place, though anymore now they take place throughout the month. I chose today to put up Sims Pride because June 26th is the anniversary of the United States passing legalized gay marriage, something Canada and the United Kingdom had much sooner.

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  8. theplumbob says:

    Thank you for doing this, how amazing to see them all!

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  9. rainygamez says:

    You have no idea how much I appreciate the fact that you named the nightclub and didn’t just call it “the Orlando shooting”. When I saw that this was posted I panicked realizing that I never gave you the link to the new blog I made for my rotation. Thank you so much for giving the new link! This post was great and it was wonderful to see how much support you got from the simming community! Well done.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I also dislike when every news site you go to plasters the name and photo of the shooter everywhere… people that do those things don’t deserve any scrap of fame for doing something so horrible.

      Heh, I have magic librarian skillz when it comes to links. ^_^ Thank you so much for taking part in Sims Pride!

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    • Simsophonique says:

      Shity medias are always awful with the terms they use okay if I say stupid things because I am not an English native , from them it is disrespectful.They are into the terrific and the emotion , they only cares about the psychological impact of an event, we don’t need them for feeling Empathy and Sadness .This mass murder makes me feel bad as the terrorist attacks my country and Belgium and everywhere else in the world. I have to wait hours before knowing the name of the club.Nobody trust on them anymore.

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  10. Jellysimwich says:

    It won’t let me Like the blog post but well done! Love it! xx

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  11. makplays says:

    Again, thank you so much for doing this! Seeing all of these pictures makes me so proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

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  12. cathytea says:

    Love this so much! So moving, Alita, and so very wonderful! Thank you.

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  13. raerei says:

    We have so many awesome sims! (And stories and simselves). Thank you sooooo much for doing this MastressAlita. This year in particular, it feels especially apt. <3

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I started taking submissions at the very first of the month, so all of this was planned well before what happened on the 12th. After that, I just decided to shift gears slightly to ad the in memorium. I’d love to do this again next June though!

      Thank you so much for being a part of Sims Pride, Raerei!

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  14. magpie14031983 says:

    I’ve never really figured out what I am, but I do know that I’m an ally to all regardless of sexual (or non-sexual) orientation! This was a really lovely tribute to both the LGBT+ community and the Sims community. The attack at Pulse was despicable and I’m sure the perpetrator is rotting in Hades as we speak!

    I am someone who can appreciate the beauty in men and women and everyone in between. But, when it actually comes down to wanting to :grin: shag like a bunny, I just don’t feel a thing. I do miss the “comfortable” couple stuff, like cuddling on the sofa watching TV Series lol

    So if anyone has a label to put on that for me :-) please let me know. But, I’d probably be a pansexual or asexual or something…

    Anyhoo, enough of my rambling (since I’m kinda doped up so I can sleep lol) and I’m not even sure whether half of it made sense. I am now off to bed on the last night of my annual leave

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    • Thank you so much, magpie! What are you describing sounds to me like a panromantic asexual. I am an aromantic asexual and it was a very long and hard journey for me before I became aware of my orientation, filled with a lot of tears and self hate because I didn’t understand “what was wrong with me,” just like many LGBT+ folks go through. One of the problems was that there was never any education for me that simply not feeling sexual attraction could be an option, and it wasn’t until I realized there was a whole world of people out there experiencing precisely that — the asexuals — that my world shifted into place. Aces can still experience romantic love and many enjoy cuddling, kissing, and other forms of intimacy. Others (the aromantic variety) do not. Asexuality actually encompasses a very broad and varied range of people! I’d recommend AVEN and just looking over the overview and seeing if any of that informational material feels like it “clicks” with you. This website changed my life when I found it!

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    • Simsophonique says:

      Yes if you like everybody and you don’t feel aroused you’re surely asexual and pan (pan loves every gender) but I am still a newbie in so I am a moron.
      I am romantic not with everyone, I am deeply romantic .If so I have the contact very diffcult except with my family.

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  15. Senna says:

    Reblogged this on The Racket-Rotter Chronicles and commented:
    Hey! So…Guess who’s terrible story showed up on this lovely post!

    Anyway, click through, and you’ll get plenty of wonderful other stories from the Sims community for Pride Month!

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  16. It’s so nice to see Journy and Demetrius there, and so young, considering I’ve now lost both of them :(

    So amazing to see so many wonderful diverse characters this community has! And those who submitted your self-sim/simself, good on you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad to see Journy and Demetrius here! It has been so sad to see them pass recently. Once I have some time to recover from getting Sims Pride finished, I plan to add their obituary to Purple Day Sims, a site honoring beloved Sims that have left us. They were an adorable couple! I love all the diversity in the Kleos Famacy… right now I’m really loving McCoy! <3 Thank you so much for joining Sims Pride!

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  17. RipuAncestor says:

    It’s so amazing to see all of these wonderful Sims and stories and people. Thank you so much for putting this together, Mastress! It’s wonderful.

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  18. O'jenn says:

    This is so wonderful!

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  19. whereverplausible says:

    This turned out great! It was so neat to see all of the diverse submissions, very beautiful!

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  20. whereverplausible says:

    PS Mastress Alita, have you read Every Heart a Doorway? It just came out recently … the main character is asexual. You don’t see that too often, so thought I’d point it out if you hadn’t heard of the book. :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have not! I will have to read that next! I have read some of Seanan McGuire’s other books. She went to school with a friend of Todd’s (my Ace friend that appears with me in my Sims Pride picture). Small world! But you are absolutely right, Ace characters are very rare, so thanks for bringing that to my attention!


  21. Those are really cool submissions! <3
    I also enjoyed seeing how you set up the presentation with your simself making a vlog! That was really cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it! This is the second post I’ve done in the fictional “vlog” style, with the first being my Blogaversary: Year One. I decided to bring it back since that seemed like it would work well for this kind of event.


  22. This was amazing and lovely. <3

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